The riding sport business Gerlach has been run already in the third generation. It's roots were in Angeraap, Ostpreussen. So the 80th birthday has just been.

Now the business is run by Renate and Heinz Gerlach with the main point on riding-sport.

For decades Renate Gerlach devotes in horse breeding mainpoint dressage-horses. Heinz Gerlach devotes in the training of young horses and talented newcomers for dressage up to Grand Prix. Both do not only have long standing but also eminent knowledge of the material.

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To sell a good quality for reasonable prices an own production was build up besides the the riding sport business. The products are sold exclusive by the own business and are noted for affordable quality.

Our commercial and also our private main thought is, serve the customer just like you wanted to be served.



In this way we would be glad, if we could welcome you as a customer.